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DateDec 14, 2016
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Thanks for taking the time to investigate the Optuma CMT3 Preparation Course. I’m sure, like me, you have memories of how hard CMT2 was and having to wait for the result. CMT3 builds on all of that content by introducing some new concepts, looking much deeper at market correlations, and bundling it all together in some difficult questions. Where this gets really hard is that there are a lot of long-form questions requiring you to explain your answers. You need to type fast and answer clearly (we’ll give you lots of exam tips during the course).

Just as we did with CMT 2 in the first part of 2017, we will be rerecording our CMT 3 course from June. This means that if you sign up now you will have access to the brief summary that Carson Dahlberg, CMT and Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe recorded in 2016 as well as the new full deep dive material that is being produced this administration. Of course you will still have access to the Optuma forum where you can ask Mathew questions about the material. There were over 600 posts in the forum last time.

How do I start, it is very difficult to put in the words.  Your focused directions for the exam preparations and practical implementations were tremendous. I would say, it is worth subscribing Optuma for any CMT Level Preparations.
A special thanks to Mathew, I seriously do not know, at what speed you do typing. There were few instances, when a single questions – had a detailed reply in the forum and response time is like a bullet train.

Sanjay Kumar Baid, India

Do I need to read the book?
Yes! This course is not a replacement for your own study. You must read the CMT Level 3 book to prepare for the exam. The Level 3 CMT Exam Preparation Course is designed to provide a review based on our experience with the material and the exams. While we define a structure for the sessions, we will focus our attention on problem areas that we know about, and questions from our students.

I passed level 3!!!
You guys were a huge help and cleared up a bunch of questions I had. I wanted to let you know that the Optuma Level 3 prep course was a great review. The fact that you did the video sessions, recorded webinars, forum, and the weekly notes was a huge help. It was one of the most valuable prep courses that I have attended. The support you guys offer just brings it all together.
Thanks again,

Ben W, IL, USA


I have the 2016 book, do I need the 2017?
No. There are only minor changes. The first five chapters from 2016 have been removed and two new chapters added. Since our recorded material is based on the 2016 book, we have added a table of how the chapters line up between the two books. You can see that by clicking on “Free Preview” in the Section 15 of the outline at the bottom of this page.

How is the course delivered?
Each session is presented as a video with cuts to TA software and blackboards as needed. The best analogy is the typical classroom setup where you can watch the video and see us explain the concepts that you need to know. The webinar below is one that we delivered to all Optuma clients, and is a little more product focused, but it gives you a really good idea of how the course is presented. Aside from that, RRGs are a new concept introduced into CMT3 and watching this presentation will help you understand RRGs and get ready for the exam. Even if you do not sign up for the prep-course, make sure you watch this free video as you need to know about RRGs for the exam.

The CMT is a self study course and any extra help is most helpful. I have used Optuma for Levels II and III in Oct 2016 and April 2017 and on both occasions it has helped me a lot. There is no substitute for reading the text thoroughly but watching the videos post reading is an excellent way to reinforce the material. for Level III, I have watched the videos several times. The best part, according to me are the referencing of the learning objectives to material in the text followed by the Forum discussions.
All questions, no matter how basic, are answered almost immediately by Matthew. The free use of the Optuma software which is available to all registered candidates is a plus and for Optuma tutorial subscribers the workbooks which reference the material under discussion are a super plus!

Ananda Bhaumik, Hong Kong

Do I need to install Optuma to do the course?
No. We offer free access to Optuma for all CMT candidates. We also make available Optuma workbooks (that’s how we store analysis in Optuma) so that you can get some hands-on experience with the different ideas. It’s no secret that we’re a software company and we sell software. We’d love you to install Optuma and see all the benefits it can give you, but it is not required to take the prep course and the exam.

What if I have questions or don’t understand something?
We have a special private forum set up at forum.optuma.com where you can ask questions. When you sign up for the course, you’ll be able to login there and get access to the private forum. We’ll be monitoring that daily and will respond with answers to questions there.

I’m so glad that I enrolled in your Level 3 prep class.  Attending the weekly prep classes kept me on track and provided terrific review material.  The sheer quantity of material (1013 pages) in Level 3 was intimidating but your review course helped me to focus on what was most important and to understand some of the concepts I struggled with. I also really appreciated the ‘class notes’. Being able to read a second set of notes helped me to think about the material from a different perspective.

Marcia R., GA, USA


We know that the course and support will be a great aid as you prepare for this exam. If you want to sign up and get instant access to the material, just click on “Buy The Course” at the top-right of this page. If you were sent, or already have, an Optuma username and password, please ensure that you use those details when you sign up. It will save you from entering your information twice.

I wish you all the best with your studies.

Mathew Verdouw, CMT, CFTe

I would like to thank you both for the course, it was great. I liked the way in which it focused on the Learning outcomes, and targeted them.



Section 1Introduction and Change Log
Lecture 1Introduction
Lecture 2Change Log
Section 2Lesson 1 - CMT 2 review, Systems & Risk Management
Lecture 3CMT 2 Review
Lecture 41. System Design and Testing
Lecture 52. Money and Portfolio Risk Management
Section 3Lesson 2 - Behavioral Techniques, Pattern Recognition, and Time Frames
Lecture 63. Behavioral Techniques
Lecture 74. Pattern Recognition
Lecture 85. Multiple Time Frames
Section 4Lesson 3 - Advanced Techniques & System Testing
Lecture 96. Advanced Techniques
Lecture 10Neural Networks
Lecture 117. System Testing
Section 5Lesson 4 - Practical Considerations & Risk Control
Lecture 128. Practical Considerations
Lecture 139. Risk Control
Section 6Lesson 5 - Analyzing the Macro-Finance Environment & Portfolio Risk and Performance
Lecture 1418. Analyzing the Macro-Finance Environment
Lecture 1519. Portfolio Risk & Performance Attribution
Section 7Lesson 6 - The VIX and RRG
Lecture 1628. The VIX as a Stock Market Indicator
Lecture 1729. Hedging with VIX Derivatives
Lecture 1817. A Unique Way to Visualize Relative Strength
Section 8Lesson 7 - Regression & International Indices and Commodities & Intermarket Indicators
Lecture 1910. Regression
Lecture 2011. International Indices and Commodities
Lecture 2116. Intermarket Indicators
Section 9Lesson 8 - Statistical Analysis
Section 10Lesson 9 - Biases and Alpha
Lecture 2322. The Building Blocks: Behavioral Biases
Lecture 2423. Investor Psychology
Lecture 2524-27. Behavioural Investing
Section 11Lesson 10 - Candlesticks and Patterns
Lecture 2629. Progressive Charting & 30. Bringing it all Together: Real-World Charts
Lecture 2731. Japanese Candlestick Analysis
Section 12Lesson 11 - Conclusions & Ethics Review
Lecture 2856. Fact, Fiction & Momentum Investing
Lecture 2957. Conclusions
Lecture 30Ethics Review
Section 13Lesson 12 - Exam Prep
Lecture 31Exam Review
Lecture 32Practice Exam 1
Lecture 33Practice Exam 2
Lecture 34Practice Exam 3
Lecture 35Spreadsheet Exam Qn
Section 14Bonus Material