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The CMT exams are hard

They need to be so that the CMT designation remains the gold-standard of Technical Analysis acumen. Traditionally the CMT program is a self-study program where candidates would read the material and prepare for the exam. On average, only 59% pass their exams. Mostly they underestimated how hard the exams would be, or they focused on the wrong areas of study.

Passed level 2 yday. Some real nasty questions on there but didn’t get rattled bc felt comfortable on the majority. Your class def pushed me across the goal line. Look forward to signing up for level 3. Thanks again for all the help

Joe D, NY, USA

 We are here to help. We are the only CMT Exam Prep provider that has courses fully updated with the 2017 curriculum, is presented by CMTs and has resources to answer your questions. 

I just wanted to let you know that I passed the Level 2 exam and to say thank you for putting together the prep course. There is so much material to cover and I thought you did a good job explaining the concepts and providing examples. I particularly appreciated that you ran it right before the exam, so it was a good refresher on material I had studied way back at the beginning, and it was great how quickly you were able to turn around the materials and post the videos online for those, like myself, who weren’t always able to participate live. You were also both great in terms of access and in responding to our email questions, which was much appreciated. I think that the very interactive format will be a particularly helpful in studying for the Level 3 exam. Thanks for helping us cross the finish line.

Kristen M, CA, USA

We’ve included a 5min video showing how the CMT material is being presented.

If you are serious about doing what it takes to succeed with obtaining your CMT designation, then you really need to consider our courses. Click on the level below for some specific information.


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