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Thanks for stopping by to have a look at the prep courses that we provide. We know the CMT designation is critically important for anyone who is serious about Technical Analysis, and it’s been an honour to have been able to help hundreds of candidates successfully pass their exams and achieve the designation.

You’ve most likely got lots of questions about our courses, we’ll try and answer those here. At the bottom of this page you can click on the specific course that you need to prepare for and see the introduction video. That will give you an idea of the style in which we teach and also what we provide to our students.

Are these courses for you?

If you have the time and the discipline, you could do this exam prep yourself. But if you are working and balancing family life with your studies, it can be really hard. The Optuma CMT prep courses provide a point of focus. We distil hundreds of pages of content and provide a different explanation. Sometimes it is hearing things explained a different way that can make the difference.

Previous candidates have told us that the biggest benefit is having someone who they can ask questions of when they just don’t understand the concept. On top of that, there is all the time that they are saving. All the candidates also tell us that the Optuma CMT courses save them hours of preparation time. How much is your time worth?

The Optuma course was exactly what I needed to prepare for the CMT exam. I work long hours and would struggle to sit for hours on end reading directly from a text book. I found the videos easy to understand and Mathew broke down each section into its most important topics. The bonus material was extremely helpful as it consolidated all the charts and definitions in a concise ‘go to’ revision sheet. I would 100% recommend the program. I will definitely be enrolling for the level II program.

Conor M, CA, USA

Is this for you? Only if you are serious about wanting to ace this exam and you are willing to do the work. The Optuma course, while being comprehensive, is not a guarantee that you will pass. You still have to do the work. The course really highlights the most important factors and provides you with resources that will help you succeed.

Can you afford to fail?

We’re not just talking about the cost to retake the exams, but also the cost on your own morale. Many students have told us how promotions and opportunities are conditional on them obtaining the designation. Here is a great testimony from one of our students who had also been a subscriber to Optuma software tools.

I had been using Optuma for two years when I decided to sign up for the online CMT Level II course.  I had already passed Level I with very little studying and found it to be easy – so when I took Level II the first time, I put similar effort into my preparation for the exam and for the first time in my life, I failed.  What’s worse, I failed by only six questions.

Being somewhat obsessive, this failure was an emotional anomaly for me.  It messed with my ability to focus and organize myself for a second shot at the exam, and most of all, for the first time in my life, I was experiencing “test anxiety” due to the fact that my confidence had been acutely and severely broken down.

After signing up for the course, I asked Mathew for some study tips and proceeded to map out a plan in my calendar over roughly three months.  At first, I studied 4 hours/week, primarily in the evenings, and as time went on, there were weeks when I didn’t study as much as I’d planned (due to vacations, etc.).  So as I closed in on test day, my studying accelerated to 6-8 hours/week, then 12-14 hours/week, and the last week alone, I probably put in just over 20 hours.  In the end, I estimated that I spent roughly 75 hours of “on time,” watching videos, reading notes, and doing the work.

The program was surprisingly fun – literally.  I thoroughly enjoyed Mathew’s teaching style, his lectures, analogies, charts, examples, and found the program to be head-and-shoulders above simply buying the book.

The practice exams were very well constructed – better than the testing sites exams, believe it or not!  When taking practice exams, I felt that the methods used did a phenomenal job at simulating the real thing.  Not to mention, the questions were very well constructed, in a way that assisted me in the learning process as I went back thru the videos and my notes to emphasize areas in which I needed more time and effort.

The exam itself was difficult, as promised, but in the end, I passed with flying colors.  In fact, comparing the first time I took it to this time, I definitely felt more prepared, but due to my text anxiety and lack of confidence from failing at the first go-round, I didn’t feel 20% points better – but that’s how much my score improved from the first attempt to this one, with Optuma’s study program.

After going through my “before/after” experience with Level II, it’s clear to me that signing up for Optuma’s CMT study program is a no-brainer.  In fact, I’ve already signed up for their Level III program and I’m excited about crossing the finish line

To anyone looking to pass the CMT exams, all while authentically learning and applying the material to their work, I’d highly recommend hiring Optuma to help.  How hard are you willing to work, and how much would you pay to pass?

Adam K, OH, USA

We are here to help you. Don’t take these exams for granted as they truly are some of the hardest exams you will take. Adam, who has several designations and taken many exams, told us he was shocked on that first exam day to find out how hard the exam was. Don’t let that be you. You must be disciplined with this exam and grasp every advantage you can.

So what is in an Optuma Course?

We have reviewed every chapter of the three texts and compiled notes. For each level, that’s nearly 500 pages of our slides that you will have access to. We also produced a video for each chapter of the texts. Over 15 hours of videos for each level. On top of that, we have Optuma workbooks with all the charts and analysis that is used in the course. When you sign up for the exam at the CMTA website (not the course) you get free access to the Optuma software from the time of your sign up until the exam. These workbooks can be used in that software. On top of that, we have compiled cheat sheets, glossaries, and FAQs that are full of information that you need to know for the exam.

Do you have practice exams?

Each level has at least three practice exams that our students can use. We’ve worked hard to build a testing engine that is very similar to the Prometric software that you will be using in the exam. Each year we review areas in which our students struggled (even if they passed) to make sure we add extra questions on those areas.

Keep up the great work Optuma! I went into the test feeling confident and well prepared. The notes and videos provided a great blueprint of how to decipher the level 3 book. The practice exams are an example of the differences between the level 3 and the prior exams, and simulate the real exam closely.

William J, TX, USA

Why is Optuma/Mathew Verdouw qualified to teach CMT?

Initially as a programmer building Technical Analysis tools, Mathew had to have a much deeper understanding of Technical Analysis than most people ever will. To make the Optuma software as well-rounded as possible, Mathew had to learn about the full spectrum of Technical Analysis, from the most subjective esoteric forms through to the most objective quantitative methods. On top of that, Mathew has spent over two decades working with the full range of Technical Analysts, from a private trader managing their own life savings through to a portfolio manager who is managing billions. There are very few people in the world who have Mathew’s knowledge, experience and ability to clearly teach this material.

Everything about Optuma is that we strive for exceeding our customer’s expectations and doing all we can to help them be successful. These courses are no different. We are constantly reviewing the course and the feedback we receive to see if there are areas that we need to improve. We are also the only CMT Exam Prep provider that has courses for all three levels which are fully updated with the latest curriculum.

With regards to the Optuma course would definitely like to state that the course has helped me immensely in preparing for the exams. The Optuma practice exams too were designed in a manner that gave me the virtual feeling of having actually gone through the CMT exams. I would like to congratulate and also thank you for putting in the very best at your end in preparing the students for this tough exam, and also for responding patiently to all our queries and doubts.

The Optuma course has definitely helped me to attempt this exam with more confidence and also be well prepared. Not having subscribed to this course would be like wandering in the dark.

Floyd L, INDIA

If you are serious about doing what it takes to succeed with obtaining your CMT designation, then you really need to sign up for our courses. Click on the level below for some specific information including the introduction video that our students see. You can sign up from the pages courses directly.

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