CMT3 – Spread Sheet Practice Exam Example

CMT 3 Excel and Intermarket Questions

In this 5 question sample exam, we have implemented an Excel interface that allows you to get an idea of what to expect in the CMT3 exam. We can not guarantee that this is exactly how it will function, but based on the available technology, we are confident that it will be similar to this. You must double-click on a cell to expose the formula (if there is one). If no formula shows, then you can assume that the cell did not have a formula.

We’ve also added a new RRG/Intermarket question. All other questions in the CMTA sample are copies of other questions we have in our practice exams.


  1. Press “Next” to advance to the next question.
  2. Press “Quiz-Summary” to see which questions you answered (or those needing review).
  3. Press “Finish Quiz” when you are done.
  4. Press “View Questions” to see our explanations for each question.

CMT 3 Practice Exam Pack

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