CMT Sponsorship

The Next Step – Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an arduous process, every sponsor must review the analysis you create, and then summarize it in their own words. It takes a lot of time. A sponsor should spend at least 30-60 minutes on each one. At Optuma, we are happy to be one of the three sponsors for our students (we do not have the time to be sponsors for more candidates). Due to the possibility that we could be accused of simply handing out sponsorships, we have to be more diligent in this process than perhaps others may be. The CMTA dictates that the sponsors role is to vouch that you understand the content and are able to use it in a professional manner. Essentially, they are outsourcing the final analysis step of your suitability to be a CMT to other CMTs since CMT holders should be the most protective of the designation.

Please do not simply send a chart with some lines on it. It is important that you be as diligent with this process as you have been with all the exams.

The following are my requests/suggestions for building a sponsorship packet that you can send to all your sponsors:

  • Take the time to put together a sponsorship packet. Please do not rush this. I (and other sponsors) will reject analysis that is not detailed enough or looks like it was quickly put together. The turn around for your application to go before the board for approval is over a month, so you have time.
  • Make the Sponsor’s job easy. Look at the questionnaire that a sponsor has to fill in and suggest some things that they can add in the Technical Work section. You can see that page here
  • Start with a bio. Tell us about the work that you do and the type of analysis that you do. Who are your clients and how you communicate with them? They may be external clients or they may be a portfolio manager that you work with. When we know the context of who you work with, we can understand the type of analysis that you do.
  • Include your name and email that is used by the CMTA as they use that to match the sponsorship to you.
  • Write up, at a minimum, a 1-2 paragraph report as if you were sending it to a client. Personally, I like to see multiple time-frames as it shows that you understand the different trend lengths. You have to explain to the reader why they should trust your call and invest their life savings/career by listening to you.
  • Send your sponsors the packet – blow them away with how thorough you are.

Sponsorship Packet Example

The following attachment is the ultimate example of a packet which you should send to your sponsors. Again, particularly if they do not know you. Obviously do not copy this word-for-word, use this as a template but make your own.

Download PDF / 1.35MB


We can not stress enough how important this last step of the process it in getting your CMT.

If you need to find more sponsors, there is a directory of CMTs who are willing to be sponsors. My suggestion is that you have your packet ready to send them before you contact them. Send them the packet straight away and ask that they respond immediately if they are not able to so you can find other sponsors. You can find a directory on the CMTA portal when you log in.

CMTA Portal login

Once you have your packet together, you can send it to our support department and they will add it to the list for me to process. I process sponsorship requests once a week and I’ll email you once it is done. Send your packet to (again – CMT3 Optuma students only).

When your sponsors have added their endorsement, fill out this form below and then wait for the board to meet to approve your application.

Application for Member Status


Congratulations again on getting through the exams and welcome to the CMT family. If there is anything we can help you with —technology / software / education —let us know.