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Are you preparing to take one of the CMT exams? Do you have time to read, take notes, and re-read hundreds of pages of a dry textbook on top of your usual busy schedule? If not, then you need to sign up for our CMT Prep Courses.

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CMT Level 2 Prep Course

Optuma’s CMT Level 2 Prep Course is your ultimate guide to the CMT exam. The course is adjusted every exam…

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CMT Level 3 Prep Course

Optuma’s CMT Level 3 Prep Course is your ultimate guide to the CMT exam. The course is adjusted every exam…

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Free CMT Level 1 Prep Course

Optuma’s free CMT Level 1 Prep Course is your ultimate guide to the CMT exam. The course is adjusted every…

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The Optuma course was exactly what I needed to prepare for the CMT exam. I work long hours and would struggle to sit for hours on end reading directly from a text book. I found the videos easy to understand and Matthew broke down each section into its most important topics. The bonus material was extremely helpful as it consolidated all the charts and definitions in an concise ‘go to’ revision sheet. I would 100% recommend the program. I will definitely be enrolling for the level II program.
Conor M​CA, USA
The Optuma course made studying so much easier and enjoyable. Mathew has a knack for turning complex situations into lessons that are more easily understood, through the use of analogies, charts and other visuals via Optuma’s high-powered software. Reading a book, highlighting text, and reading more notes is boring. The Optuma course not only made me feel as prepared as I could possibly be for the exam – it also provided me with several notes that I took down to use in my own portfolio system tests once the exam was behind me. All in all, I felt the Optuma CMT II prep course was much better than simply going thru the text and I’d highly recommend it as a no-brainer when taking your journey through the CMT course materials, from Level I through Level III.
A BIG thank you for helping me not only with preparation for the 3x CMT exams but for making it easy to understand, both in content and how to navigate the exams themselves.
It would have been much more difficult to have sat and passed the exams without your material and easy-to-navigate videos.
There is a lot of material to cover, particularly in the latter two exams but your way of breaking up each chapter made it easier to work through and retain the information.
Ross LoveVic, AUS
Over the course of studying and preparing for the CMT, Matthew and Optuma have been tremendously helpful. After taking and passing CMT 1 with the help of Optuma, I decided to take the CMT 2 without the support and did not pass. Let me help you avoid the same mistake by telling you, the first test seemed easy because of the immense help Optuma provides. Following that initial failed test, I jumped back in with Optuma and have done great of the following two tests. Great product that is a must for passing these tests.
Mike LungDirector of Brokerage
The CMT Optuma prep course is one of the best learning experiences I have ever encountered. I felt very overwhelmed in the beginning with the textbook only and decided to take a leap of faith and sign up with Optuma. It was one of my best decisions. Matthew is an excellent instructor. He explains and details concepts very clearly and in words that is very understandable. I used the prep course for both level 2 and level 3 and I felt very prepared for each exam. The Optuma prep course also provides an online forum that Matthew responds to usually within 24-hours. Here, you can ask any questions and have it answered promptly. This is a very valuable tool. I would recommend the CMT Optuma prep course to anyone who is serious in passing their CMT.
Andrew AngusOntario, Canada
I used the Optuma prep courses for all three levels of the CMT. The courses were very helpful. Mathew explains the topics in an easy to understand format. In many cases I found chapters in the textbook to be lengthy and dense. Mathew’s videos helped clarify content. The practice exams and discussion forums were particularly helpful in the weeks leading up to the exam. I felt they properly prepared me for the structure and difficulty of the actual exams. I would definitely suggest Optuma’s CMT prep courses.
Clinton Orr
I used the Optuma Prep Course for Level III study and passed on the first attempt.
Optuma does a great job summarizing the vast amount of testable material in Level III into digestible chunks of info by way of the course layout. With 850+ pages of text in the Wiley book, it’s very easy to get sidetracked with the minutiae. I found the PDF notes summarized the main points well, refocused my attention to those topics more likely to be tested and for which I needed deeper understanding, and I used the videos for additional clarification as needed for the more difficult material.
The test bank was very helpful as well.
Overall, the course was well worth the money spent.
Kevin Hodson
I looked at several learning resources for the CMT exams and have no reservations stating that Optuma is the Gold Standard for CMT candidates. This is an exceedingly well-designed platform that offers on-demand lectures, study notes, practice exams, and interactive forums to keep you engaged throughout your journey. Furthermore, Mathew Verdouw’s passion for technical analysis and sincerity towards his students truly sets Optuma apart
Ashish AroraCFA
Just wanted to say thanks after having passed my CMT Level III exam recently. I found your course to be extremely helpful and an excellent investment. The format is very user friendly, easily understood, simple to access, and provides the perfect level of detail and advice to follow in both material retention/comprehension and test taking strategy. I would strongly recommend it to any aspiring or future CMT candidates.
I’d add that your support team is very attentive and helpful as well.
Monte LehmkuhlerVA, USA
I luckily found Optuma before I started the CMT program journey and used all their products for all 3 levels. I can honestly say that Optuma made all the difference for me. Without Optuma I would’ve been extremely lost. There’s a large amount of material in the CMT program, but Mathew breaks the sections down well and made it easier to learn.
Jared CoffinFL, USA
I received news on Friday that I had passed CMT level 3 and would like to thank you for your support, guidance and assistance throughout the process. Your preparatory courses are both thorough and comprehensive, while your approach is highly effective in summarizing even the most complex of aspects of the course (especially parts of Kaufman’s work!), which made studying for CMT enjoyable and ensured I was well prepared for the exams. I am grateful for your support throughout levels 2 and 3 and wish I had known of your course for level 1 (the {xxxx redacted xxxx} course really is not comparable!). I could not recommend your courses highly enough to prospective CMT students.
Jonathan PUSA
Keep up the great work Optuma! I went into the test feeling confident and well prepared. The notes and videos provided a great blueprint of how to decipher the level 3 book. The practice exams are an example of the differences between the level 3 and the prior exams, and simulate the real exam closely.
William JTX, USA

Our Teaching team

Mathew Verdouw,

CEO, Developer, Trainer

Mathew has been living and breathing Technical Analysis since 1996. As a programmer, it was not enough to just know about TA, Mathew had to understand every calculation in every indicator. As a born teacher, Mathew makes sure that the content is easy to understand and delivered in a way that will help you prepare for the exams.




How long does it take to prepare for the CMT exams?

From helping thousands of people pass the CMT exams, we can confidently say you will need between 3 to 5 months to study for the exam. This gives you enough time to properly read the textbook, get through our course, and sit a few practice exams. Doing all this gives you the best chance to pass your exam the first time. The CMT recommends the following minum study hours.

  • CMT 1: 80 to 120 hours
  • CMT 2: 100 to 140 hours
  • CMT 3: 120 to 160 hours

Do I still need the textbook if I take an Optuma CMT course?

Yes. This course is a supplement to the book. The exam is based on the textbook, so you should read it carefully.
If you have not yet purchased the book, make sure you get the digital version. You are going to need to be able to search, and the digital version makes this easy. You can get the digital version from Wylie here:

Do I keep access to the course if I don’t pass?

Yes. If you don’t pass or life gets in the way and you can’t take the exam you won’t need to re-purchase the course. You’ll get access to your course again when you re-register for the exam.

Is the CMT level 1 prep course really free?

Yes! This course is free to anyone who has registered for the CMT level 1 exam. Once you have registered for the exam with the CMTA we will reach out to you with the instructions for how to get access to your free course. You can register for the exam here: