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One of the very best things about Optuma is that it is a blank canvas that allows you to do almost anything. One of the most difficult things is that it is a blank canvas and there is a bit of a learning curve to get started. These video lessons by our Optuma software specialist, Darren Hawkins, MSTA, will guide you through the basics of Optuma, helping you to progress from getting started to leveraging many of the most powerful features of Optuma. Taking the small investment of your time to watch these videos will allow you to yield massive returns in time savings and access to analysis that you may have never considered before.

Areas covered include Installation, Opening Charts, Opening and Using Watchlists, Chart Headers and Footers, Chart Overlays, the Scanning Manager, Tiling Charts, Relative Comparison Charts, Page and Chart Layouts, and much more.

Section 1Optuma 101
Lecture 1Installing Optuma
Lecture 2The Optuma Screen Layout
Lecture 3Opening a Chart
Lecture 4Chart Properties
Section 2Optuma 101
Lecture 5Intro to Tools
Lecture 6Intro to Tools Part 2
Lecture 7Workbooks
Lecture 8Settings
Lecture 9Tiling Charts
Section 3Optuma 101
Lecture 10Custom Toolbar
Lecture 11Chart Overlays
Lecture 12Relative Comparison Charts
Lecture 13The Structure Panel
Section 4Optuma 101
Lecture 14Intro to Watchlists
Lecture 15Using Watchlists
Lecture 16Chart Layouts
Lecture 17Page Layouts
Lecture 18Headers and Footers
Section 5Optuma 101
Lecture 19Scanning Manager
Lecture 20Relative Rotation Graphs
Lecture 21Training Mode
Lecture 22Building Custom Codes
Lecture 23Alerts