Free CMT Level 1 Prep Course

Optuma’s free CMT Level 1 Prep Course is your ultimate guide to the CMT exam. The course is adjusted every exam cycle so you don’t have to spend time studying information that doesn’t appear on the exam. You get access to videos breaking down every chapter, practice exams, quizzes, and a forum where you get direct access to our teaching team.

Course Expiry Date : 30 Jun 2024

Optuma’s CMT level 1 course is built to give you confidence on exam day. You get access to the largest updated bank of practice questions, over 17 hours of videos, and direct access to your instructor to ask questions. Stack the chips in your favour and start using your free CMT level 1 course today.


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Course Includes

  • 54 Lessons
  • 21 Topics
  • 9 Quizzes