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Alan Oliver · 17 June 2021
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The pyramids of Egypt have held man spellbound for centuries. Even to this day, we are unable to ascertain their exact age, and debate amongst learned circles places them anywhere between 4500 years and 11500 years old. The main issue is that granite cannot be carbon dated, therefore we have to rely on other means to hypothesize their date of origin.

The main focus should be why they were built, who built them and more importantly who designed them. If these magnificent structures were built as the final resting place for a beloved King, where are his remains, and why are there no hieroglyphics inside? The Valley of the Kings and its tombs are literally covered in memorial messages, yet these Valley graves are nowhere near the splendour of these outstanding monuments.

If these buildings are not a tomb for a King, then why build them at all, let alone to such a degree of accuracy.

The buildings contain within their design a mathematical code, called the Fibonacci series after the gifted mathematician who recognised these numbers and ratios from other research he had undertaken. The basis for this code is that the addition of two numbers gives the next number in the sequence, such as 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 and so on. Take 5 and 8, added together equals 13. Then 8 + 13 equals 21, and this chain of events continues into infinity.

This is the very same mathematical code that nature uses in its creation of all things. Take a careful look at the X-ray of the bones in your hand, and you will see this very same code at work inside you.

This video series will delve into the mysteries of Fibonacci and the pyramids and how they can be used to trade any markets today.

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This is a two part video series of Alan Oliver’s Book, “Trading With the Gods – Fibonacci Series”

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